William de Cantilupe (died 1254)

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Arms of William de Cantilupe: Gules, three fleurs-de-lys or ("Cantilupe Ancient"). These arms are blazoned in Glover's roll of arms.[1] The Cantilupe arms changed in the late 13th century to jessant-de-lys

William de Cantilupe (died 25 September 1254) (anciently Cantelow, Cantelou, Canteloupe, etc, Latinised to de Cantilupo) [2] was jure uxoris Lord of Abergavenny, in right of his wife Eva de Braose, heiress of the de Braose dynasty of Welsh Marcher Lords. His chief residences were at Calne in Wiltshire and Aston Cantlow (named after his family), in Warwickshire, until he inherited Abergavenny Castle and the other estates of that lordship.

He was the eldest son and heir of William de Cantilupe (died 1251) by his wife Millicent de Gournay. His younger brother was Thomas de Cantilupe, Bishop of Hereford and Chancellor of England.

At some time before 15 February 1248 he married Eva de Braose, daughter and heiress of William de Braose (died 1230) by his wife Eva Marshal, daughter of William Marshall, 1st Earl of Pembroke. By his wife he had children including:

He died "in the flower of his youth"[6] in 1254. Simon de Montfort, a close friend of the family, was one of the chief mourners at his funeral.[7]


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