William Kampiles

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William Kampiles
Born (1954-12-21) December 21, 1954 (age 63)
Other namesVasili, Billy
OccupationCIA Clerk
Known forCold War - Stole a top-secret American KH-11 spy satellite manual and sold it to the Soviets.

William Peter Kampiles (born December 21, 1954) is a former Central Intelligence Agency employee during the Cold War.

Early life[edit]

Kampiles was born into an immigrant family. Kampiles grew up in Hegewisch, on the far south side of Chicago. Kampiles' family was poor and lived in a small rental apartment. Kampiles had dreams of becoming wealthy.


Kampiles was disappointed with his low-ranking status as a CIA clerk, and he decided to steal a top-secret KH-11 spy satellite manual from his employers in 1977 for monetary gain. In November 1977, Kampiles resigned from his job from CIA in Langley, Virginia. [1]

Espionage and Prison[edit]

Kampiles flew to Greece, and sold the manual to the Soviet embassy in Athens in return for $3,000. Kampiles subsequently returned to the United States and informed his former CIA bosses of what he had done, in the mistaken belief that he would be recruited as a double agent; instead, he was charged with espionage by the US Government, put on trial in 1978, and convicted. He was arrested before he could leave the country with his mother. He had told friends he had plans to buy a restaurant/bar in Athens and had purchased tickets for himself and his mother. He was originally sentenced on November 17, 1978, to 40 years imprisonment; however, his prison sentence was later reduced to 19 years, and he was released on 16 December 1996, after serving 18 years as Federal Prison inmate "04028-164".[2][3]

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