With a Little Patience

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With a Little Patience (Hungarian: Türelem) is a Hungarian short film made in 2007, written and directed by László Nemes.

Synopsis - Tagline[edit]

An office clerk as seen during her daily routine – all the little vibrations of her face. And a man, impatiently waiting for her, beyond the windows.

Awards and selections[edit]

Cast and crew[edit]

  • Actors: Virág Marjai, Attila Menszátor-Héresz, Éva Kelényi, Kálmán Kovács, Endre Ferenczy
  • Writer and Director: László Nemes
  • Producer: András Muhi
  • Cinematographer: Mátyás Erdély
  • Sound Designer: Tamás Zányi
  • Production designer: László Rajk
  • Costume Designer: Edit Szűcs
  • Production Manager: Andrea Taschler
  • Co-producer: György Durst
  • Associate producer: István Major
  • Produced by: Inforg Stúdió, supported by Duna Workshop, the Hungarian Motion Pictures Foundation

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