Wolf River (British Columbia)

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Wolf River
Country Canada
Province British Columbia
District Strathcona Regional District
Part of Pacific Ocean drainage basin
Source Schjelderup Lake
 - elevation 1,263 m (4,144 ft)
 - coordinates 49°38′08″N 125°43′22″W / 49.63556°N 125.72278°W / 49.63556; -125.72278
Mouth Buttle Lake
 - elevation 223 m (732 ft)
 - coordinates 49°46′21″N 125°37′37″W / 49.77250°N 125.62694°W / 49.77250; -125.62694Coordinates: 49°46′21″N 125°37′37″W / 49.77250°N 125.62694°W / 49.77250; -125.62694
Length 21 km (13 mi)
Wolf River (British Columbia) is located in British Columbia
Wolf River (British Columbia)
Location of the mouth of the Wolf River in British Columbia

The Wolf River is a river on Vancouver Island in Strathcona Regional District, British Columbia, Canada.[1] It is in the Pacific Ocean drainage basin, and lies entirely within Strathcona Provincial Park.[2]


The river begins at Schjelderup Lake and heads north, then turns northeast below Mount Con Reid to reach its mouth on the west side of Buttle Lake, the source of the Campbell River.


There are two campgrounds on either side of the river mouth at Buttle Lake: Titus Marine Campground on the north side and Wolf River Marine Campground on the south side.[2]


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