Wolf Warrior

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Wolf Warrior
Wolf Warriors poster.jpg
Traditional 戰狼
Simplified 战狼
Mandarin Zhàn láng
Directed by Wu Jing
Produced by Lv Jianmin
Written by Wu Jing
Liu Yi
Dong Qun
Gao Yan
Starring Wu Jing
Scott Adkins
Yu Nan
Kevin Lee
Edited by Zhang Jiahui
Release date
  • April 2, 2015 (2015-04-02)
Running time
90 minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin
Box office US$89.9 million[1]

Wolf Warrior (Chinese: 战狼) is a 2015 Chinese 3D war action film directed by Wu Jing. It stars Wu Jing along with Scott Adkins, Yu Nan and Kevin Lee in pivotal roles.It was released on 2 April 2015.[2][3] A sequel, titled Wolf Warrior 2, was released in China on 27 July 2017 and became the all time highest grossing film in China.[4]


In 2008, a combined task group of People's Liberation Army Special Operations Forces and Chinese police raid a drug smuggling operation in an abandoned chemical facility in southern China. The leader of the smuggling operation, Wu Ji, holds one of his own men hostage while taking cover behind a section of the facility's reinforced wall. Leng Feng, a skilled PLA sniper, ignores orders to stand down and fires three shots at a weak section of the wall, penetrating through on the third shot and killing Wu Ji.

Leng Feng is sent to solitary confinement as punishment, but is approached by Long Xiaoyun, the female commander of the legendary 'Wolf Warriors', an elite unit within the PLA tasked with simulating foreign tactics for the PLA to train against. Long Xiaoyun offers Leng Feng a place in the Wolf Warriors and he accepts, being airlifted to their training grounds the next day. The Wolf Warriors field leader lectures Leng Feng on the importance of teamwork to success.

Meanwhile in southeast Asia, crimelord Min Deng is apprehended by authorities but rescued by group of foreign mercenaries led by ex-US Navy SEAL 'Tom Cat' (Scott Adkins). It is revealed that Min Deng is the older brother of Wu Ji, the drug smuggler slain by Leng Feng in 2008. Min Deng re-hires Tom Cat and his group to assassinate Leng Feng, but warns them not to underestimate the strength and resolve of the People's Liberation Army.

The Wolf Warriors participate in a training exercise in a remote and uninhabited forested region on China's southern border. During the exercise, Tom Cat and his mercenaries ambush a Wolf Warrior squad, killing one of Leng Feng's comrades. Leng Feng and PLA helicopters pursue Tom Cat but he escapes, using graphite-powder weapons to deny airspace to PLA air support. Without quick-reaction air support to call on, PLA commanders cancel the training exercise and send a combined force of the Wolf Warriors and People's Liberation Army Special Operations Forces into the forest to apprehend Tom Cat and his mercenaries. While re-arming from helicopter-delivered supply drops, the Wolf Warriors are inspired by a speech from their commanders to defend the honour of China and avenge the death of their comrade.

The combined infantry force move into the forest but are delayed by multiple traps set by Tom Cat and pinned down by sniper fire from Assassin, Tom Cat's elite marksman. Leng Feng and the other soldiers cut down a tree with sheer firepower to create cover and Leng Feng sprints into the forest alone to flank Assassin, dodging his fire and managing to engage and kill him at point-blank range.

Meanwhile the rest of the PLA force engages Tom Cat's other mercenaries, who stage a fighting retreat but are eventually overwhelmed and killed one by one. At base, Long Xiaoyun and the other PLA commanders deduce that Ming Deng himself is also in the training area to take possession of a smuggled cache of biotechnology, which could allow the creation of a genetic weapon that could target Chinese people exclusively.

Leng Feng again pursues Tom Cat through the forest, who delays him with multiple traps including a land mine, which Leng Feng triggers but escapes from by digging a pit under the mine and jumping away from the blast. He eventually catches Tom Cat just before the marker delineating China's southern border. Both fighters empty their weapons at each other before engaging in close-quarters combat. Leng Feng, wounded and exhausted from the previous fights, is nearly defeated, but manages to kill Tom Cat with his own knife after Tom Cat mocks Leng Feng's patriotism.

Medical personnel from a PLA relief force arrive, but Leng Feng recognises the wrist tattoo of the medic that approaches him and realizes that they are Min Deng's men in PLA uniforms. He grabs a rifle and attacks them, eventually holding Min Deng himself at bayonet point on the very edge of the Chinese border. Min Deng's massive paramilitary force approaches from the other side of the border, but so do the rest of the Wolf Warriors and PLA soldiers. Min Deng's force retreats.

After the action, Commander Long Xiaoyun agrees to accompany Leng Feng for a drink.


  • Wu Jing as Leng Feng, a marksman in the People's Liberation Army who was initially court martialled and reprimanded for failing to obey a direct order during an operation. He is later recruited into a Chinese Special Forces Unit called "War Wolf" after Long Xiaoyun takes an interest in him.
  • Yu Nan as Lieutenant Colonel Long Xiaoyun, Commander of the Chinese Special Forces Unit "War Wolf"
  • Ni Dahong as Ming Deng, a drug lord who hires a group of foreign mercenaries to avenge his brother's death at the hands of Leng Feng.
  • Scott Adkins as "Tom Cat," a former US Navy SEAL turned mercenary who is hired by Meng Deng to kill Leng Feng with the aid of his sidekick, Crazy Bull.
  • Kevin Lee
  • Shi Zhaoqi
  • Zhou Xiaoou
  • Fang Zibin
  • Guo Guangping
  • Ru Ping
  • Hong Wei
  • Wang Sen
  • Zhuang Xiaolong


The script went through 14 drafts over seven years.[5] In order to portray more realistic combat scenes, the movie used five missiles (each at a value of one million yuan), more than 30,000 rounds of ammunition, and a variety of Chinese active military aircraft, including the Chengdu J-10, Harbin Z-9, and CAIC Z-10. In one large battle scene, 32 active tanks appeared in the same shot, including a Type 96 tank.[5]

In order to prepare for the film, with the support of Chinese PLA Nanjing Military Region, Wu Jing trained for 18 months at a camp in Nanjing Military Region.[5] On the first day of shooting, it was the hottest summer in Nanjing's history. The temperature was up to 49.8 °C, making 5 extra actors suffer from shock.

Most of the film was made on location in Jiangsu province, at sites including Nanjing and Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum.[5]

Box office[edit]

As of 25 May 2015, it has earned US$89.11 million in China.[1]

In China, it opened on 2 April 2015, earning US$33.32 million in its 4-day opening weekend topping the Chinese box office.[6] In its second weekend, it fell to number two, earning US$36.19 million (behind Furious 7).[7]


Date Award Category Recipient(s) and nominee(s) Result Notes
2015 2015 Shanghai International Film Festival Committee Special Award Wolf Warrior Won
Best Director Wu Jing Nominated
Best Feature Film Wu Jing Nominated
30th Golden Rooster Awards Best Film Wolf Warrior Nominated
Best Editing Zhang Jiahui Nominated
2016 20th Huading Awards Best Screenplay Wu Jing/Liu Yi/Dong Qun/Gao Yan Won
Best New Director Wu Jing Won
Best Action Choreography Li Zhongzhi Won
Number One Film Voted By Audience Wolf Warrior Won
Best Productor Lyu Jianmin Won
33rd Hundred Flowers Awards Outstanding Film Wolf Warrior Won
Best Newcomer Zhuang Xiaolong Won
Best Film Wolf Warrior Nominated
Best Director Wu Jing Nominated
Best Screenplay Wu Jing/Liu Yi/Dong Qun/Gao Yan Nominated
Best Actress Yu Nan Nominated
16th Huabiao Awards Outstanding Film Wolf Warrior Won

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