Woodside Bible Church

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Woodside Bible Church
Woodside Bible Church, Troy, MI USA, April 2016.jpg
Main campus of Woodside Bible Church in Troy, MI
42°36′59″N 83°07′39″W / 42.61639°N 83.12750°W / 42.61639; -83.12750Coordinates: 42°36′59″N 83°07′39″W / 42.61639°N 83.12750°W / 42.61639; -83.12750
Location Troy, MI
Country United States
Denomination Non-Denominational
Previous denomination Baptist
Churchmanship Evangelical
Former name(s) Big Beaver Baptist, Troy Baptist
Founded 1955
Founder(s) Rev. Harold Moran
Senior pastor(s) Douglas Schmidt
Music group(s) Woodside Worship

Woodside Bible Church is a non-denominational Christian megachurch based in Troy, Michigan. It is a multi-site church with 14 locations in the Detroit Metro area, with a total weekly attendance of 9,000.[1] In 2015, Woodside Bible was listed as the 48th largest church in America, and the 56th fastest growing church by Outreach Magazine.[2][3] It is considered to be "one of the nation's fastest-growing congregations".[4][5] The church is led by Pastor Doug Schmidt, who has served as Woodside's senior pastor since 1991.[6]


Originally named Big Beaver Baptist, the church was founded in 1955, by Rev. Harold Moran and a few families meeting in homes in the Troy, Michigan area. A converted home was purchased the same year at 3193 Rochester Rd. The church remained at this address until 2005. In 1962 the name was changed to Troy Baptist Church. Larger auditoriums were built on the property in 1973 and 1980. The name was changed to Woodside Bible Church in 2002, and moved to the current location in 2005.[7] In July 2005, Woodside celebrated their 50th Anniversary as a church and, in September of that same year, merged with Redeemer Baptist Church in Warren, Michigan creating the second Woodside location. Woodside has since added another 12 locations in the following years.

In 2010 Pastor Doug Schmidt joined with others to form The Evangelical Pastors Network, a group which provides inspiration and assistance for evangelical pastors.[8]

Additionally, Ravi Zacharias spoke at the Troy Woodside campus in late 2010, addressing The Evangelical Pastors Network.[9]

Church Locations[edit]

  • Woodside Troy The main Woodside campus, located in Troy, Michigan. It was established in 1955 and has been at the current location since 2005.
  • Woodside Warren A permanent facility in Warren, Michigan. Established in 2005, resulting from a merger with Redeemer Baptist Church.
  • Woodside White Lake A permanent facility in White Lake, Michigan. Established in June, 2007, resulting from a merger with First Baptist Church of Pontiac.
  • Woodside Royal Oak A permanent facility in Royal Oak, Michigan. Established in September 2008, resulting from a merger with Northwood Baptist Church. In March 2017, Woodlawn Church in Royal Oak merged with Woodside Royal Oak. Woodside Royal Oak now meets at the former Woodlawn Church facilities.[10]
  • Woodside Lake Orion A permanent facility in a converted retail space in Lake Orion, Michigan. Established in October 2009 as a brand new campus - the first campus to not be created as the result of a merger.[11]
  • Woodside Farmington Hills A permanent facility in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Established in September 2010, from a merger with Farmington Hills Baptist Church.[12]
  • Woodside Detroit Meeting at the Ford Theater inside of the Detroit School of Arts in Midtown Detroit. Established in October 2011 as a new campus.
  • Woodside Romeo A permanent facility in Romeo, Michigan. Established in October 2012, resulting from a merger with Stone Ridge Church.[13]
  • Woodside Pontiac A permanent facility in Pontiac, Michigan. Established in April 2014 as a new campus. Woodside Pontiac also functions as a Dream Center.
  • Woodside Plymouth A permanent facility in Plymouth, Michigan. Established in January 2015, resulting from a merger with Plymouth Baptist Church.[14]
  • Woodside Dearborn Meeting at Edsel Ford High School in Dearborn, Michigan. Established in July, 2015, resulting from a merger with Cornerstone Church.[15]
  • Woodside Lapeer A permanent facility in Lapeer, Michigan. Established in October 2015, resulting from a merger with Maple Grove Church.[16]
  • Woodside Algonac Meeting at the Algonac VFW Hall in Algonac, Michigan. Established in October 2016 as a new campus.[17][18][19][20]
  • Woodside Chesterfield A permanent facility in Chesterfield, Michigan. Established in March 2017, resulting from a merger with VOX Church. [21]


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