Workers with Family Responsibilities Convention, 1981

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Workers with Family Responsibilities Convention, 1981
ILO Convention
Date of adoptionJune 23, 1981
Date in forceAugust 11, 1983
ClassificationEquality of Opportunity and Treatment
Women's rights
SubjectEquality of Opportunity and Treatment
PreviousOccupational Safety and Health Convention, 1981
NextMaintenance of Social Security Rights Convention, 1982

Workers with Family Responsibilities Convention, 1981 is an International Labour Organization Convention.

It was established in 1981, with the preamble stating:

Having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals with regard to equal opportunities and equal treatment for men and women workers: workers with family responsibilities,...

Article 1 provides the definition of "workers with family responsibilities" and Article 3 cites Discrimination (Employment and Occupation) Convention (ILO Convention C 111) to define the discrimination. This Convention is cited by Maternity Protection Convention, 2000 (ILO Convention C 183).


As of May 2015, the convention had been ratified by 44 states.

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