World Doubles Championship

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World Doubles Championship
Tournament information
Venue Derngate Centre
Location Northampton
Country England
Established 1982
Organisation(s) World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association
Format Non-ranking team event
Final year 1987
Final champion(s) England Mike Hallett
Scotland Stephen Hendry

The World Doubles Championship, also known as the Hofmeister World Doubles (1982–86) or the Fosters World Doubles (1987) for sponsorship purposes, was a non-ranking professional snooker tournament held from 1982 to 1987 as the major doubles event.


Created to capitalise on the growing popularity of televised snooker, as well as to offer a slightly different version of the game, the event was initially staged at the Crystal Palace in London, sponsored by Courage Brewery through their Hofmeister brand. 29 pairs entered the event, which was played from the last 16 in London.[1]

Due to poor attendance of the inaugural event it was moved to the Derngate Centre in Northampton. In 1987 the sponsorship of the event was moved to the Fosters brand, but the sponsorship contact expired the same year. By the end of the 1980s, other more significant events were making up the snooker calendar and the tournament was abandoned. Four of the six tournaments were won by the pairing of Steve Davis and Tony Meo.[1]



Year Winner Runners-up Final score Season
1982[2] England Steve Davis
England Tony Meo
Wales Terry Griffiths
Wales Doug Mountjoy
13–2 1982/83
1983[3] England Steve Davis
England Tony Meo
England Tony Knowles
England Jimmy White
10–2 1983/84
1984 Northern Ireland Alex Higgins
England Jimmy White
Canada Cliff Thorburn
England Willie Thorne
10–2 1984/85
1985[4] England Steve Davis
England Tony Meo
England Tony Jones
Wales Ray Reardon
12–5 1985/86
1986[5] England Steve Davis
England Tony Meo
England Mike Hallett
Scotland Stephen Hendry
12–3 1986/87
1987 England Mike Hallett
Scotland Stephen Hendry
Canada Cliff Thorburn
Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor
12–8 1987/88


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