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25th World Ice Art Championship banner.

The World Ice Art Championships is an ice sculpting contest in Fairbanks, Alaska produced on by Ice Alaska, a non-profit corporation started in 1989. The contest is the largest of its kind in the world and attended by more than 100 sculptors from 30 countries every year.[1] The contest also draws tens of thousands of spectators; in 2004, 48,000 people from more than 28 countries passed through the park's gates.[2]


A multi-block sculpture.

Ice Alaska put on its first ice art championship in 1991; it featured 16 sculpting teams and lasted a week. Today the event begins mid February and, weather permitting, lasts until the end of March, featuring the art and skill of as many as 75 teams from around the world.[3]

Locations: Through 2011, the ice festival took place on a 20-acre (8.1 ha) site across the Chena River from Pioneer Park, which the organizers leased from the Alaska Railroad.[4] In 2012 the event moved to a new location, the George Horner Ice Art Park.[5] In 2017, after a fire destroyed their main lodge, the Ice Alaska organization restructured to protect the future of the event. Then, in 2018 they reached an agreement with the Tanana Valley State Fair Association and moved the World Ice Art Championships, along with the associated Ice Alaska Ice Park, to the Tanana Valley State Fairgrounds.

Ice Alaska has negotiated with a new property owner to harvest ice blocks and transport them to the new venue; the ice is so clear it is referred to as "arctic diamond".[6] In addition to sculptures on view, the event features a Kids Park sculpted out of ice, including ice slides, an ice maze, an ice rink, and spinning cups.[7]


Mexican sculptor Abel Ramírez Águilar with his work at the event
A single block sculpture

The championship is divided into three professional competitions, a youth event, and an amateur exhibition. abstract and realistic categories.

Single Block Classic[edit]

The Single Block Classic is open to 30 contestants. (One Artist and One Block of Ice) Each Artist is provided one block of Ice 6’x4’x3’ (roughly 1,720 lbs) and 48 hours to create a sculpture.

"Cool Brees" ice sculpture of Drew Brees
9-foot-tall (2.7 m) ice sculpture depicting New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees & titled "Cool Brees" at the 2010 World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska

Double Block Classic[edit]

The Double Block Classic is open to 25 Teams (2 Artists and 2 Blocks of Ice) Each Team is provided two blocks of Ice 6’x4’x3’ (roughly 3,440 lbs) and 72 hours to create a sculpture.

Multi-Block Classic[edit]

The Multi-Block Classic is open to 15 Teams (4 Artists with 9 Blocks of Ice) Each Team is provided 9 blocks of ice 6’x4’x3’ (roughly 15,490 lbs) and 132 hours to create a sculpture.

Youth Classic[edit]

This competition is held during the week of School Spring Break, usually the second week of March. Is open to ~5 to 15 teams. A Team is defined as 1 or 2 Carvers. Available to students in grades 8th thru 12th 2’ x 3’ x 2-3’ block of ice. The Youth Carvers have an opportunity to be mentored by Master Carvers who volunteer with the event to encourage the next generation of artisans.


Year Block Category Name Artists
2010 Single Realistic Blue Ring Octopus JapanJunichi Nakamura United StatesHeather Brice
2010 Single Abstract Ice Dancing RussiaVitaliy Lednev RussiaSergey Loginov
2006 Single Realistic Beach Walker United StatesSteve Brice JapanJunichi Nakamura
2006 Single Abstract Fiddler RussiaVladimir Zhikhartsev RussiaVitaliy Lednev
2006 Multi Realistic Balto's Charge United StatesSteve Berkshire United StatesMark Johnson United StatesStanley Kolonko United StatesCarl Eady
2006 Multi Abstract Sunrise Over Spring Water RussiaSergei Zaplatin RussiaSergey Tselebrovskiy RussiaGrigoriy Ponomarev United StatesLarry Moen
2005 Single Realistic Leap United StatesSteve Brice United StatesAaron Costic
2005 Single Abstract Fire of Love RussiaVitaliy Lednev RussiaVladimir Zhikhartsev
2005 Multi Realistic Animal Parade United StatesSteve Brice United StatesHeather Brown United StatesTajana Raukar United StatesMario Amegee
2005 Multi Abstract Gateway United StatesAaron Costic United StatesGregory Butauski United StatesChad Hartson United StatesJeff Meyers
2004 Single Realistic Colorful Duo United StatesPaul Raukar United StatesTajana Raukar
2004 Single Abstract The Dance United StatesJennie Graham United StatesJames Stugart
2004 Multi Realistic Dragon Boat ChinaYan Liansheng ChinaZhang Daquan ChinaMa Yue ChinaAn Quifeng
2004 Multi Abstract Michelangelo Hi-Tech-The Creation of Ice Man RussiaVitaliy Lednev United StatesKaren Pless United StatesChuck Carpenter United StatesKathleen Carlo-Kendall
2003 Single Realistic Graceful Predator JapanJunichi Nakamura United StatesTajana Raukar
2003 Single Abstract White Dance RussiaAlexander Zaitsev United StatesRegan Dillon
2003 Multi Realistic Friend or Foe United StatesSteve Brice United StatesJoan Brice United StatesHeather Brown United StatesTajana Raukar
2003 Multi Abstract Seed of Promise Czech RepublicLumir Lang United StatesBen Firth United StatesCraig Araquistain United StatesAmy Moran
2002 Single Realistic King of the Sky JapanJunichi Nakamura CanadaHideshi Terada
2002 Single Abstract Flame in the Wind RussiaVladimir Zhikhartsev RussiaSergey Loguinov
2002 Multi Realistic Leap of Faith United StatesTajana Raukar United StatesHeather Brown United StatesWendy Croskrey United StatesJoan Brice
2002 Multi Abstract Ice Falls Czech RepublicLumir Lang United StatesBen Firth JapanTokuji Nakano United StatesCraig Araquistain
2001 Single Realistic A Total Lack of Sharing United StatesSteve Brice United StatesKevin Roscoe
2001 Single Abstract Enlightenment RussiaVladimir Zhikhartsev RussiaSergey Loguenov
2001 Multi Realistic Pretenders United StatesAaron Costic United StatesSteve Brice FinlandMarja Pohjoisaho United StatesTajana Raukar
2001 Multi Abstract The Unison of Love RussiaSergei Tselebrovski RussiaSergei Bannikh RussiaSergei Loguenov RussiaAlexander Zaitsev

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