World Trade (band)

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World Trade
Origin United States
Genres Progressive rock
Years active 1989–1995, 2016-present
Associated acts Lodgic, Unruly Child, Yes
Members Billy Sherwood
Bruce Gowdy
Guy Allison
Mark T. Williams
Past members Jay Schellen

World Trade is a U.S. progressive rock band that features Billy Sherwood on bass and vocals and Bruce Gowdy on guitar. Yes's Chris Squire performed as a guest on their second album, Euphoria.


The band was formed with Sherwood on lead vocals and bass, Gowdy on guitars, Guy Allison on keyboards and Mark T. Williams on drums. World Trade evolved from an earlier band, Lodgic, featuring Sherwood and Allison.

Their 1989 eponymous debut was co-produced by Keith Olsen. A second album followed in 1995 on Magna Carta Records, with Williams being replaced by Jay Schellen. The album was produced by Sherwood. The band's sound had similarities to 1980s Yes[1] and the album included two Chris Squire Experiment songs and Squire (uncredited) assisted on backing vocals.

Sherwood and Schellen also recorded tracks for a series of tribute albums by Magna Carta.

Sherwood has frequently collaborated with Schellen since. In the mid-2000s, Sherwood and Gowdy began work on a new World Trade album, but this was abandoned and material is planned on a release called Psy-Op.[1]

A third album was released in 2017[2] from Frontiers Records, titled Unify and featuring the original line-up of Sherwood, Gowdy, Allison, and Williams.[3]


Tracks on

  • Tales from Yesterday (Magna Carta, 1995), Yes tribute album
  • Supper's Ready (Magna Carta, 1995), Genesis tribute album
  • The Moon Revisited (Magna Carta, 1995), Pink Floyd tribute album