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The World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) describes itself as the "international umbrella organization for the Reform, Liberal, Progressive and Reconstructionist movements."[1] This overall Jewish religious movement is based in about 40 countries with more than 1,000 affiliated synagogues. The WUPJ states that it aims are to create common ground between its constituents and to promote Progressive Judaism in places where individuals and groups are seeking authentic, yet modern ways of expressing themselves as Jews. It seeks to preserve Jewish integrity wherever Jews live, to encourage integration without assimilation, to deal with modernity while preserving the Jewish experience and to strive for equal rights and social justice.

The WUPJ was established in London in 1926, moved its headquarters to New York in 1959 and to Jerusalem in 1973. It has regional offices in London, Moscow and New York. Past presidents include Claude Montefiore, Leo Baeck, Lily Montagu (1955-1959) and Solomon Freehof.

The WUPJ claims more than 1.7 million members throughout the world, encompassing more than 1,200 Reform, Progressive, Liberal and Reconstructionist congregations. Most congregations are located in the U.S., UK, and Israel, with affiliates in 42 countries overall.[1]

Mission statement[edit]

  • The establishment and support of synagogues and schools wherever there are Jews searching for meaningful access to modern Jewish life.
  • Recruitment, training and placement of rabbis, cantors and educators.
  • Publication and distribution of liturgical and educational materials in languages Jews speak.
  • Sponsorship of international programs for youth, education, leadership development, and all aspects of community building.
  • Bringing together like-minded Jews to derive strength from one another...blending ancient traditions with the changing world of today.

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