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The Wormwood Review was a literary magazine published from Fall 1959 to April 1999. Alan Kaufman considered the magazine to be "the greatest little magazine of all time."[1]

History and profile[edit]

The Wormwood Review was first published in Fall 1959 in Mt. Hope, Connecticut.[2] The founding editors were Alexander (Sandy) Taylor, James Scully, and Morton Felix.[2][3] It was also edited and published by Marvin Malone.[2] Later, the magazine moved to Stockton, California.[2] Poets published by the magazine included Charles Bukowski,[4] Gregory Corso, e.e. cummings, James Dickey, Jack Micheline, Peter Orlovsky, and William Wantling.[1]

The magazine organized the annual Wormwood Award.[1] The last issue of the Wormwood Review was published in April 1999.[2]

Notable contributors[edit]


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