Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny

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Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny
Studio album by Impiety
Released January 24, 2011
Recorded October, 2010 at Music City Studios, Italy
Genre Death metal, thrash metal, black metal, doom metal
Length 38:32
Label Agonia Records
Producer Shyaithan
Impiety chronology
Terroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)
Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny
Ravage and Conquer

Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny is the seventh full-length album by Singaporean extreme metal band Impiety, released in 2011 through Agonia Records. It features Fabio Zperandio of Ophiolatry as guest on all lead guitars. It is the first Impiety album to consist of a single, 38 - minute - long track. The song employs doom metal approach as opposed to the band previous releases that focused on speed and brutality.[1]

The album is released on several formats, including regular jewel case, digipak and vinyl. Earlier pressings come with a t - shirt while limited edition LP is pressed on marble vinyl, which is limited to 100 copies. Another 566 copies are available as dark maroon finish. Also, some version comes with Shyaithan's autograph.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Shyaithan.

No. Title Length
1. "Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny" 38:32