Wu Kau Tang

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San Uk Ha (新屋家) and Leng Pui (嶺背) villages of Wu Kau Tang.
Ancestral halls at Wu Kau Tang

Wu Kau Tang (Chinese: 烏蛟騰) is an area in Northeast New Territories, Hong Kong. It is administratively part of North District and is enclosed by Plover Cove Country Park on all sides.[1] It is the starting point of the Wu Kau Tang Country Trail and the Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail.[2]

Originally named "Wu Kau Tin" (烏蛟田), the area comprises several villages, including Lo Wai (老圍), Ho Pui (河背), Leng Pui (嶺背), San Uk Ha (新屋家), Tin Sum (田心) and Sam Ka Tsuen (三家村).[3]


In 1669, the coastal ban imposed by the Great Clearance was lifted and Emperor Kangxi ordered the villages to return to their original sites. According to an official document, Wu Kau Tang was one of the villages which returned and was re-established.[4]

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