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X Factor
X Factor logo (2013 - present)
Genre Reality
Created by Simon Cowell
Directed by Wojciech Iwański
Presented by Patricia Kazadi (2013–14)
Jarosław Kuźniar (2011–12)
Judges Czesław Mozil
Kuba Wojewódzki
Tatiana Okupnik (2012–14)
Ewa Farna (2014)
Maja Sablewska (2011)
Voices of Michał Skolmowski
Country of origin Poland
Original language(s) Polish
No. of series 4
No. of episodes 56 (as of 1 June 2014)
Producer(s) Katarzyna Szałańska
Location(s) Various (auditions)
Transcolor Studio, Szeligi near Warsaw (live shows)
Running time 85-120 minutes
Production company(s) FremantleMedia
Original network TVN (also TVN HD and TVN HD+1)
Picture format 576i 16:9 (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release 6 March 2011 – 31 May 2014
Related shows The X Factor (UK)
External links
website www.xfactor.tvn.pl

X Factor was a Polish talent show based on a British show The X Factor and broadcast on TVN. The first series premiered on 6 March 2011. On 27 November 2010, during the final of the third series of Poland's Got Talent Marcin Prokop confirmed that the auditions would be held in January 2011. That was also the first public statement from TVN about X Factor.

The main prize is PLN100,000 funded by Apart and a recording contract with label Sony Music.


The competition is split into three categories: Solo Singers aged 16–24, Solo Singers aged 25 and over and Vocal Groups. Before the Judges' houses stage each judge gets one category which he will be mentoring.

There are five stages to X Factor competition:[1]

  • Stage 1: Pre-auditions (open auditions where producers decide who will perform in front of the judges)
  • Stage 2: Auditions (filmed auditions with the judges and a live audience)
  • Stage 3: Eliminations (known as 'Bootcamp' in the UK version)
  • Stage 4: Judges' houses
  • Stage 5: Live shows


The filming begins at this stage. The acts who got a phone call from the producers after the pre-auditions are invited to take part in the actual auditions with the judges and a live audience. They sing one or two songs and then the judges vote. These who got through will participate in Eliminations.


Originally known as Bootcamp. Each act who received at least two yeses from the judges during the auditions takes part in the Eliminations stage, which lasts for two days. Here the contestants are allocated to their categories. Each category sings one song and then the judges decides who leaves the competition and who stays in the selection process. Remaining acts have to prepare with a help of the vocal coaches one chosen song that they will perform in front of the panel. Then the judges choose five acts from each category that will get through to the Judges' houses stage. Now both the judges and the contestants find out which judge will be mentoring which category.

Judges' houses[edit]

This stage lasts for two days. The acts visit their mentors' homes. Each judge picks up a guest judge who will help him. Each contestant sing one song. Then the mentor and the person who helps him decide which three acts will take part in the live shows in the studio in Warsaw.

Live shows[edit]

Stage built for X Factor live shows in Transcolor Studio in Szeligi near Warsaw

Each week each mentor chooses songs and outfit for their acts. They also judge the other mentors' contestants. The viewers vote for their favorites by sending an SMS or phoning. After closing the lines and counting the votes Jarosław Kuźniar announces the results in no particular order. The two acts who received the fewest votes will perform again in a final showdown. Then the judges decide by voting who will leave the competition.

In the final episode the three remaining acts sing two songs, including one performed with an invited music star. The viewers choose the winner by SMS voting or phoning. The winner gets PLN100,000 funded by Apart and a recording contract with label Sony Music.

Series summary[edit]

     Contestant in (or mentor of) "Boys" category
     Contestant in (or mentor of) "Girls" category
     Contestant in (or mentor of) "16-24s" category
     Contestant in (or mentor of) "Over 25s" category
     Contestant in (or mentor of) "Groups" or "Groups and Bands" category

Series Start Finish Winner Runner-up Third place Winning mentor Host Judges
One 6 March 2011 5 June 2011 Gienek Loska Michał Szpak Ada Szulc Czesław Mozil Jarosław Kuźniar Kuba Wojewódzki
Maja Sablewska
Czesław Mozil
Two 3 March 2012 2 June 2012 Dawid Podsiadło Marcin Spenner The Chance Tatiana Okupnik Kuba Wojewódzki
Tatiana Okupnik
Czesław Mozil
Three 23 February 2013 26 May 2013 Klaudia Gawor Grzegorz Hyży Wojciech Ezzat Kuba Wojewódzki Patricia Kazadi
Four 1 March 2014 31 May 2014 Artem Furman Marta Bijan Anna Tacikowska Czesław Mozil Kuba Wojewódzki
Tatiana Okupnik
Czesław Mozil
Ewa Farna

Judges and presenter[edit]


Promo picture of X Factor featuring the judges and the presenter

On 15 January 2011 on Dzień Dobry TVN it was officially confirmed that Czesław Mozil and Kuba Wojewódzki will join the judges panel[2][3] and on 19 January 2011 web portal plejada.pl revealed that Maja Sablewska would be the third judge.[4]

Since the first news about Polish version of X Factor was released, many web portals and journals have speculated on the make up of the judges panel. On 27 November 2010 polish gossip webpage pudelek.pl reported that Kuba Wojewódzki, Natalia Kukulska, Patrycja Markowska (singer) and Piotr Metz (popular music journalist) had been offered to join the judges panel.[5] A few days later Party magazine reported that Edyta Górniak would appear as a judge on TVN's newest show. It quoted a person connected with TVN: Edyta will serve as a judge in new show, which TVN is preparing for spring. However, there was no confirmation if the mentioned show was X Factor.[6][7]

On 14 December "Super Express" revealed that Piotr Metz and Przemysław Nieużyła (manager) are finalising their contracts. On 13 December 2010 Ewa Wojciechowska, editor in chief of connected with TVN website plejada.pl revealed on Dzień Dobry TVN that according to her knowledge Maja Sablewska (Górniak's manager) and Kuba Wojewódzki had been offered to serve as the judges. She also added that the third person to join the panel would be a man.[8] On 22 December 2010 pudelek.pl reported that Wojewódzki, Sablewska and Metz had already signed their contracts.[9]

Elżbieta Zapendowska, former judge on Idol was also thought to join the panel, though she denied these rumours. My friends call me and gratulate and I don't know for what. Nobody from TVN gave me any offers! - she says in an interview with a celebrity magazine Takie jest życie. The journal revealed that the final decisions had not been made yet as TVN's programme director, Edward Miszczak was in hospital. However he was said to have Kuba Wojewódzki and Maja Sablewska as his favorites.

Takie jest życie talked to a person connected with TVN who reported that many celebrities and their managers called the network or the director and offered themselves as perfect candidates for the judges. Some of them are ready to work for nothing. - he said. Tomasz Lubert, Robert Gawliński, Robert Janson and Robert Kozyra were said to be interested in a judging role. Krzysztof "Kasa" Kasowski has even published his offer online: I recommend my humble person as a perfect judge on 'X Factor'. I have discovered many talents.[10]

On 11 January 2011 Super Express revealed that all the judges placements had been already filled.[11] On the next day journal Fakt reported that Czesław Mozil was likely to judge X Factor alongside Kuba Wojewódzki.[12] Mozil was to confirm this on Facebook by writing: And if I knock the TV at 20:00 on Sunday it doesn't mean that day before I didn't play in your village. I count on support and this all is because of these aunts, who watch me on TV too little... This is my independence.[13] However the official confirmation has not been given yet. On 13 January 2011 wirtualnemedia.pl reported that Czesław Mozil had already signed his contract. Website also informed that Kuba Wojewódzki was to join the panel, though he had not signed the contract yet. The name of the third judge was still unknown.[14] The website's news was quoted by web portal Onet.pl, which is connected with TVN, adding that the channel had not confirmed it yet.[15] On 14 January 2011 Czesław Mozil demented the rumours about his participation in X Factor on Facebook.[16] However, on the next day he confirmed on Dzień Dobry TVN that he would judge X Factor alongside Kuba Wojewódzki.


On 15 January 2011 Jarosław Kuźniar confirmed on Dzień Dobry TVN that he would host the show.[17][18]

Until the confirmation, many newspapers and web portals had speculated on who would host the show. Media2.pl reported that according to unofficial information Marcin Prokop and Szymon Hołownia, a famous duo of hosts of Poland's Got Talent were thought to take part in talks with the producers.[19]

On 11 January 2011 popular journal Super Express reported that two TVN24 presenters Jarosław Kuźniar and Marcin Żebrowski were fighting for the presenting role. Both of them are hosts of morning show You Get Up and You Know. The journal added that Bartosz Węglarczyk, host of TVN's morning show Dzień Dobry TVN and co-host of the final episode of first series of Poland's Next Top Model was also taken into account. Super Express quoted a person connected with TVN: In my opinion the final battle may be between Kuźniar and Żebrowski. It is not a coincidence that the latter has been recently on air more often. He has even hosted the New Year's Eve programme on TVN24.[20] However, according to unofficial sources, Żebrowski was to refuse the offer.

On 13 January 2011 wirtualnemedia.pl confirmed that Jarosław Kuźniar was one of the candidates.[21] The news was also quoted by Onet.pl.[22] Finally, Kuźniar was present at the pre-audition in Warsaw on 14 January 2011, which suggested that previous rumours were true.[23]

On 21 November 2012 it was announced that Kuźniar would not be back to present the series due to personal reasons and his commitments to TVN24. On 13 December 2012, Patricia Kazadi was confirmed as the new presenter. It was reported that Marcin Prokop, Szymon Majewski and Agnieszka Szulim had also been in running for the role.

Judges' categories and their finalists[edit]

In each series, each judge is allocated a category to mentor and chooses three acts to progress to the live finals. This table shows, for each series, which category each judge was allocated and which acts he or she put through to the live finals.


     – Winning judge/category. Winners are in bold, eliminated contestants in small font.
Series Kuba Wojewódzki Maja Sablewska Czesław Mozil N/A
One 16-24s
Michał Szpak
Ada Szulc
Mats Meguenni
Sweet Rebels
Over 25s
Gienek Loska
Małgorzata Stankiewicz
William Malcolm
Two Kuba Wojewódzki Tatiana Okupnik Czesław Mozil
Over 25s
Marcin Spenner
Joanna Kwaśnik
Paweł Binkiewicz
Dawid Podsiadło
Ewelina Lisowska
Anna Antonik
The Chance
Soul City
De Facto
Three 16-24s
Klaudia Gawor
Maja Hyży
Filip Mettler
Girls On Fire
Aicha and Asteya
The Voices
Over 25s
Grzegorz Hyży
Wojciech Ezzat
Olga Barej
Four Kuba Wojewódzki Tatiana Okupnik Czesław Mozil Ewa Farna
Groups and Bands
Trzynasta w Samo Południe
Cała Góra Barwinków
Over 25s
Anna Tacikowska
Joao de Sousa
Karolina Duszkiewicz
Artem Furman
Jakub Jonkisz
Kuba Jurzyk
Marta Bijan
Magdalena Bal
Daria Zawiałow


Series averages[edit]

Series Series premiere Series finale Episodes Average Share Share 16-49
Series 1 6 March 2011 5 June 2011 14 4.48 27,3% 34,7%
Series 2 3 March 2012 2 June 2012 14 3.14 21,4% 27,0%
Series 3 23 February 2013 26 May 2013 14 2.96 19,9% 22,5%
Series 4 1 March 2014 31 May 2014 14 2.25 14,7% 18,1%

Albums by former contestants[edit]

  • Gienek Loska (season 1, winner)
    • Lepiej niż wczoraj feat. Alek Możek (October 9, 2009)
    • Hazardzista (November 21, 2011)
    • Dom (April 16, 2013)
  • Michał Szpak (season 1, runner-up)
    • XI (EP) (December 13, 2011)
    • Byle być sobą (November 13, 2015)
  • Ada Szulc (season 1, 3rd place)
    • 1000 miejsc feat. DJ Adamus (12 November 2013)
  • Dziewczyny (season 1, 5th place)
    • Dziewczyny z sąsiedztwa (March 8, 2010)
  • William Malcolm (season 1, 8th place)
    • Takes One To Know One (November 3, 2013)
  • Dawid Podsiadło (season 2, winner)
    • Comfort And Happiness (May 28, 2013)
    • Ruby Dress Skinyn Dog with Curly Heads (October 21, 2014)
    • Annoyance and Disappointment (November 6, 2015)
  • Ewelina Lisowska (season 2, 4th place)
    • Ewelina Lisowska (EP)(July 7, 2012)
    • Aero-Plan (May 7, 2013)
    • Nowe horyznoty (October 28, 2014)
  • Aicha from duet Aicha & Asteya (season 3, 6th place)
    • Magija (January 19, 2013)
  • Grzegorz Hyży (season 3, runner-up)
    • Z całych sił (May 27, 2014)
  • Maja Hyży (season 3, 4th place)
    • W chmurach (March 24, 2015)
  • Trzynasta w samo południe (season 4, 5th place)
    • Hell Yeah (October 21, 2014)
  • Cała Góra Barwinków (season 4, 6th place)
    • Cała Góra Barwinków (2004)
    • 24 godziny (January 1, 2007)
    • Kocham kłopoty (February 22, 2010)
    • Beat 2 Meet U (August 10, 2013)


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