X International AIDS Conference, 1994

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The X International AIDS Conference, 1994 was held in Yokohama, Japan. The theme of the conference was "The Global Challenge of AIDS: Together for the future".

AIDS in Japan before the conference[edit]

In 1994 the media identified only 4 Japanese citizens in Japan who would publicly admit to being HIV positive.[1] Only 800 cases of HIV had been reported in Japan to this time, and the public perception was that HIV was a disease for foreigners.[1]

Various groups asserted that persons in Japan who lived with HIV would face discrimination.[2] In preparation for the event, the Ministry of Health appealed to restaurants, hotels, and hospitals to not refuse service to anyone because of their HIV status.[1]


Guests at the opening ceremony included Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama and Crown Prince Naruhito.[3]

Attendees found that few advances had been made to treat HIV infection with standard antiretroviral therapy.[4] The mood at the conference was pessimistic.[5][6]

For reasons including a consensus was that no conclusive clinical advances were being made, organizers decided to change the event from an annual event to a biennial event after this one.[7]


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