Xagoroloi Bohudoor

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Xagoroloi Bohudoor
(It's a Long Way to the Sea)
Sbd screenshot.jpg
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Directed byJahnu Barua
Produced byJahnu Barua
Sailadhar Baruah
Gayatri Barua
Written byJahnu Barua
StarringBishnu Kharghoria
Arun Nath
Kashmiri Saikia Baruah
Sushanta Baruah
Music bySatya Baruah
CinematographyP. Ranjan
Edited byHeu-en Baruah
Distributed byDolphin Films Pvt. Ltd
Release date
Running time
106 minutes

Xagoroloi Bohudoor (Assamese: সাগৰলৈ বহুদূৰ, English: It's a Long Way to the Sea) is an Assamese language drama film directed by Jahnu Barua. The film was released in 1995.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

The story revolves around a boatman who earns his living by sailing boat in the nearby ghats. Problem arises when the government decides to construct a bridge on it which will deprive his earnings. His son who lives in city wants his father only to take care of their property.[2]


  • Bishnu Kharghoria as Powal, the old man
  • Arun Nath as Homanta, Powal’s son
  • Kashmiri Saikia Baruah as Runumi
  • Miren as Land agent
  • Shusanta Barooah as Kkhuman, the boy
  • Baruah as daughter-in-law
  • Jatin Bora



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