Xtreme (album)

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Studio album by Xtreme
Released October 19, 2004
Genre Bachata
Length 40:15
Label SGZ International
Xtreme chronology
We Got Next
(2003)We Got Next2003
Haciendo Historia
(2006)Haciendo Historia2006

Xtreme is the bachata group Xtreme's first album under a recognized label, SGZ Entertainment. The album was later reissued under the Univision Music Group label after their acquisition of SGZ International. The album contains the singles, "Te Extraño" and "Honey I Do".

Track listing[edit]

  1. Te Extraño (Bachata)
  2. Ahora Vete
  3. Me Cambiaste la Vida - (feat. Tito Nieves)
  4. Honey, I Do
  5. Mi Niña
  6. Ese Fui Yo
  7. Pardon Me
  8. Caricias
  9. Amor Destrozado
  10. Ya No Aguanto Mas
  11. Te Extraño [R&B Version]


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