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The Yaesu FT-221 is a modular VHF 2M all mode (SSB, AM, CW and FM) amateur radio transceiver, built by the Yaesu Corporation in Japan during the 1970s.

Technical description[edit]

  • Frequency Range 144.0 MHz ~ 148.0 MHz
  • Emission: AM FM SSB (LSB and USB) and CW
  • Power Output:

The frequency is set by a 500 kHz range VFO being mixed with the product of a number of crystals and is displayed using a rotary display dial.

The top of the case is removed by opening 4 quick release fasteners, revealing a number of user adjustable trimmers and pots. The modular design of the FT-221, where removable circuit boards allowed radio hams to modify their FT-221 either by replacing specific components or even replacing the whole board.[2] One such replacement is the mutek replacement front end[3] board which improved the front-end sensitivity. The open format of the internal construction also allowed the transmit and receive cables to be brought outside the case to use a low-noise coaxial relay.

Other model variants[edit]

The FT221R is a model with repeater shift. The FT221RD also has a digital display.


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