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Birth name Yaidelice Monrouzeau Marrero
Also known as Yaire
Born (1977-07-29) July 29, 1977 (age 39)
Origin San Juan, Puerto Rico
Genres Latin / Pop
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, record producer, musician, author
Instruments Vocals, guitar, keyboard songwriter
Years active 1994–present
Labels Universal (1998)
Lideres (2001–2002)
EMI (2005)

Yaire (born Yaidelice Monrouzeau) is a singer-songwriter from Puerto Rico, better known for her emblematic hits "Tu mayor tentación", "Contéstame" and "Te amo tanto". Her romantic style goes from pop rock to ballads.


Daughter of the Puerto Rican pianist and one man band, Eloy Monrouzeau, Yaire, entered the music industry at an early age, where she spent several years writing and composing for numerous mainstays in the Latin industry, eventually winning a writing award from ASCAP for the 1993 Olga Tañon hit, Mujer de Fuego. Yaire soon became a performer herself, making her singing debut in JUVENTUD VIBRA, her TV debut in Voces en Funcion and then, releasing a debut album, Formas de Vida, in 1998. Soon after she moved to Madrid, Spain, where she resides today, and from where she did the work on her three follow up albums: 2001's Yaire, a commercial success that spawned several radio and video hits; 2002's ...Donde Me Lleve El Viento; and 2005's Volver A Nacer.[1]

Yaire is still writing and composing today, but the lackluster performance of her last two albums has left a bitter taste in her mouth. In June 2006, she gave an interview to Primera Hora, a Puerto Rican newspaper, wherein she lamented the state of the Latin music industry, which she believes neglects musicians and puts profit above art. [2] She later declared that she has received offers from recording labels in Spain for the release of a fifth studio album.


As a show business figure, Yaire had to deal with family controversy related of the separation of her parents, Eloy Monrouzeau and Iris Marrero. After 5 years of family controversy she restore family relationship with his father Eloy Monrouzeau.

Personal life[edit]

Yaire was married to Spanish producer Miguel Blasco. After marrying him she moved to Spain, and subsecuently began a hiatus from her career.[1] On February 13, 2008, Yaire gave birth to her first child, a baby boy named Adam Blasco Monrouzeau. This is Yaire's first baby, after losing a previous pregnancy. She traveled to Puerto Rico on July 2008, intending to spend time with her family and begin seeking new professional opportunities.[2]


Falso Paraiso (2011)

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