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Yanuv children memorial
Yanuv children memorial
Yanuv is located in Israel
Coordinates: 32°18′23.39″N 34°56′57.11″E / 32.3064972°N 34.9491972°E / 32.3064972; 34.9491972Coordinates: 32°18′23.39″N 34°56′57.11″E / 32.3064972°N 34.9491972°E / 32.3064972; 34.9491972
District Central
Council Lev HaSharon
Affiliation Moshavim Movement
Founded 21 March 1950
Founded by Tunisian immigrants
Population (2015)[1] 933
Name meaning [He] will Come Forth

Yanuv (Hebrew: יָנוּב‎, lit. [He] will Come Forth) is a moshav in central Israel. Located in the Sharon plain near Netanya and Tulkarm, it falls under the jurisdiction of Lev HaSharon Regional Council. In 2015 it had a population of 933.


The village was founded on 21 March 1950 by a kvutza of immigrants from Tunisia on land which had been owned by a Nabulsi effendi prior to the 1948 Arab–Israeli War.[2] [3] Its named was taken from Proverbs 10:31: "From the mouth of the just will come forth wisdom".[2]

Part of the village's homes were built with Norwegian funds, following the Hurum air disaster, in which over two dozen Jewish children on their way to Israel died. The sole survivor of the disaster settled in Yanuv.[3] A memorial was later created, funded by the friendship association Friends of Israel in the Norwegian Labour Movement (Norwegian: Venner av Israel i Norsk Arbeiderbevegelse).

Notable residents[edit]


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