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Yenice (literally "new town," formerly also written Yenidje or Yenidze) may refer to:



Ankara Province[edit]

Antalya Province[edit]

Aydın Province[edit]

Mersin Province[edit]

Other provinces[edit]


  • Giannitsa, Pella regional unit, formerly Γενιτσά, Yenice, or Vardar Yenicesi
  • Genisea, Xanthi regional unit, formerly Yenice/Yenidje/Yenidze or Yenice Karasu, and famous for its tobacco
  • Elaiochori, Messenia (formerly Γιάνιτσα/Γιάννιτσα), Messenia
  • Dovras, Imathia, whose community Agios Georgios was formerly named Γιάννισσα/Γιάννισα
  • Vasiliko, Ioannina (formerly Γιάννιστα), Ioannina regional unit


Other uses[edit]

  • Yenice Conference, a meeting between Turkish President İsmet İnönü and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during World War II, near Yenice, Tarsus
  • Battle of Yenidje between the Greek and Ottoman Armies, near Giannitsa, Pella, during the First Balkan War (1912)
  • Yenidze, a former cigarette factory in Dresden, Germany
  • Yenidje Tobacco Company Limited, a former U.K. tobacco company