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Rabbi Yeshaya Steiner

Grand Rabbi Yeshaya Steiner of Kerestir (1851 – Iyar 3, 1925), was the founder of the Kerestirer Hasidic dynasty.

He was born in 1851 in the town of Zboró, Hungary, today Zborov, Slovakia. When he was 3 years old, his father died. At the age of 12, his mother sent him to study in Hungary by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh of Liska the author of Ach Pri Tevua. When he died and his son-in-law Rabbi Chaim Friedlander author of Tal Chaim succeeded him, Yeshaya started travelling to Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz. After the death of Rabbi Chaim of Sanz, he became a disciple of Rabbi Mordechai of Nadvorna. The Nadvorner Rebbe suggested that he move to the town of Kerestir, in Hungary,

In Kerestir he became a Hasidic Rebbe and became known as a miracle worker.[1] In 1925 he was succeeded by his son Avraham.

His image is used as an amulet by those Jews who believe that it wards away mice and offers protection against misfortune.[2]

  • Rabbi Yissachar Dov Rubin, Grand Rabbi of Kerestir in Borough Park, Brooklyn
  • Rabbi Naftali Grosz (1901–1987) Grand Rabbi of Kerestir-Berbesht,Son-in-Law of Rabbi Avraham Steiner. Brooklyn New York, Israel, Miami Beach.

After Rabbi Naftali died in 1988, his son, Rabbi Rafeal Grosz, (also known as Rabbi Armin Grosz), became the new Kerestir Rebbe in Miami Beach. Rabbi Grosz built an addition to his house to enable him to provide services to the community and ensure that needy members of the community had housing and support. Rabbi Grosz continued to provide prayer services, a learning center, and support for the community's needy and poor until his death in 2007. The house that Rabbi Rafeal Grosz built was sold to the Jewish Educational Leadership Institute (Communaute Francophone Miami ) which is expected to continue to provide similar community services at the same location.

Rabbi Yeshaya Gross, eldest son of Rabbi Naftali Grosz, of Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Grand Rabbi of Kerestir-Berbesht, Brooklyn NY, Desert Hot Springs California.

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