Yitzhak Elazari Volcani

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Yitzhak Volcani in 1923

Yitzhak Elazari Volcani (Hebrew: יצחק אביגדור אלעזרי-וולקני, January 28, 1880 - May 24, 1955)[1] was a writer, agronomist and botanist, pioneer of agricultural research in Israel and the founder of Volcani Center of Agricultural Research.

Born as Yitzchak-Avigdor Wilkansky in Eišiškės, Russian Empire (now in Lithuania),[2] Elazari-Volcani got a degree in Agronomy from the University of Königsberg[3] and made aliyah to Erez Israel in 1908.[4][5] There, he worked as a director of experimental farm in Ben Shemen and Huldah,[2][6][7] where he lived from 1914,[8] and was a member of Zionist organization Hapoel Hatzair.[5] He founded the first agricultural research station in Israel,[9] that later became a faculty of the Hebrew University.[3] As a member of Hapoel Hatzair, Volcani was a proponent of moshav rather that kibbutz, believing in a "personal freedom of creation" as opposed by more collectivist kibbutz movement.[10] Volcani was a member of Executive Committee of the Zionist Organization in Palestine, and advisor of the World Zionist Organization.[3]

He wrote several plays and articles in Hebrew under pseudonyms Ben Avuya and A. Zioni.[2][8]

His brother, Meir Wilkansky (1882–1949), was a Hebrew writer and translator.[2][11] His son, Benjamin Elazari Volcani, was a biologist who found life in the Dead Sea;[12] his daughter, Zafrira Volcani (1910-1988), was a microbiologist.[13]



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