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Name day February 11 (Sweden)
Word/name Scandinavian
Region of origin Sweden, Norway
Other names
Related names Yngvi, Inge

Yngve is a Scandinavian male given name, mostly used in Sweden and Norway. It is the modern form of either Old Norse Yngvi or of Ingwin. Yngvi was the Old Norse name of the Germanic god Ingu-, later identified with Freyr, or of Ingwian- "belonging to the tribe of the Ingvaeones" (who were in turn named after Ingu-.[1]

The name is most common among Swedish men over the age of 50, and occurs almost exclusively as a middle name among the youngest. Due to its Viking origins, the name was very popular during the 19th century and the national romantic era.

As of 31 December 2005 there are a total of 18578 Swedes with the name, of which 4756 use it as their main first name.[2] As of 1 January 2006 there are 2370 Norwegians with Yngve as their first name, 1924 of whom use it as their only first name.[3] In Finland there are 1046 people named Yngve.[4]

Its namesday in the Swedish name day list of 2001 is 11 February.

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