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Yockleton is a village in Shropshire, England.

Yockleton is west of the county town of Shrewsbury, on the B4386 road to Montgomery and near the River Severn.[1]

There is one local pub, the Yockleton Arms[2] (formerly the Pink Elephant), several miles west on the B4386, a 19th-century village church (C of E),[3] and a village hall, as well as an old people's home in the old Vicarage.

Previously Yockleton had a school, a garage, a post office and a pub in the heart of the village. These have closed as the village has developed into a commuter village for Shrewsbury. There is a Motte and Bailey in a field not far from the church.

Yockleton is near to Ford and Westbury, and lies in the Westbury civil parish; the hamlets of Edge and Farley lie due south of the village, and Nox is to the east.


Coordinates: 52°41′20″N 2°52′54″W / 52.68890°N 2.88170°W / 52.68890; -2.88170

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