Yoshitaka Tamba

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Yoshitaka Tamba (丹波 義隆)
Born (1955-07-13) July 13, 1955 (age 64)

Yoshitaka Tamba (丹波 義隆, Tamba Yoshitaka, born July 13, 1955) is a Japanese actor. He is the eldest son of actor Tetsurō Tamba. He played Goro Sakurai in JAKQ Dengitiki in which he dated Mitchi Love


In 1973, while attending high school, he landed a part in the movie Sumi yuriko directed by Omori Kenziro. He also appeared in the movie Aoba shigeru reru around the same time. Yoshitaka also extended his film career into television acting with the 1975 NHK television series Mizuiro no toki. In 1977, Yoshitaka and his father Tetsuro appeared in the film Alaska Monogatari.

Yoshitaka graduated from Tokyo Toritsu Suginami High School. He continued his education at Seijo University but dropped out before graduating. Yoshitaka has been multiple movies and television series since his debut.



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