You Are Loved

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This article is about the Rebecca St. James song. For the Josh Groban song, see You Are Loved (Don't Give Up).
"You Are Loved"
Single by Rebecca St. James
from the album If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something
Released 2005
Recorded ?
Genre Christian pop and rock, CCM
Length 4:38
Label ForeFront Records
Writer(s) Rebecca St. James
Rebecca St. James singles chronology
"Hark the Herald Angels Sing"
"You Are Loved"
"God Help Me"

"You Are Loved" is a song by Christian pop and rock artist Rebecca St. James. The song expresses St. James' desire to tell her childhood friend about God's amazing love. She explained: "It's written about a childhood friend of mine that I grew up with in Sydney. I fell out of contact with him after leaving our Christian school to move to a different state. I ran into a mutual friend years later and asked how our friend, Daniel, was doing. This friend told me that Daniel had really fallen away from God and that he'd been abusing drugs as well. As I was thinking about what I wanted to write about on this album, he very randomly came to mind—and I felt that this 'random' thought was actually placed there by God. I had the concept… 'If I had one chance to tell Daniel something, what would I say to him?' The message I felt God really laid on my heart was to tell him…'You are loved.'" [1]