You Can't Kill Stephen King

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You Can't Kill Stephen King
Directed by Ronnie Khalil
Monroe Mann
Jorge Valdés-Iga
Written by Monroe Mann
Ronnie Khalil
Bob Madia
Starring Monroe Mann
Ronnie Khalil
Crystal Arnette
Kayle Blogna
Kate Costello
Justin Brown
Polly Humphreys
Arthur S. Brown
Michael Bernstein
Music by Bruce Chianese
Cinematography Jorge Valdés-Iga
Edited by Gabriel Cullen
Loco Dawn Films, Clownfish Productions, The Maine Studios
Distributed by Big Screen Entertainment Group
Running time
86 minutes
Country United States
Language English

You Can't Kill Stephen King is a 2012 American comedy horror film that was directed by Monroe Mann, Ronnie Khalil, and Jorge Valdés-Iga, and is the directorial debut of Khalil and the feature film directorial debut of Mann. The film had its world premiere on 14 April 2012 at the Lewiston Auburn Film Festival and was later released to DVD on 9 December 2014 through Big Screen Entertainment Group.[1][2] The film follows a group of friends that decide to visit the area horror author Stephen King lives, but find themselves threatened with their own potential deaths.


Siblings Monroe (Monroe Mann) and Hilary (Crystal Arnette) have discovered that they have inherited a lake house and to make things even better, the famous horror author Stephen King is rumored to live somewhere nearby. They decide to take their friends down to the lake house to check things out, only to find immediate resistance from all of the locals, who insist that King doesn't live in the area. Despite being completely unwelcome, they decide to stay and soon find that people are being killed one by one in a manner similar to several deaths in various Stephen King stories.


  • Monroe Mann as Monroe Bachman
  • Ronnie Khalil as Ronnie
  • Crystal Arnette as Hilary Bachman
  • Kayle Blogna as Nicole
  • Kate Costello as Lori
  • Justin Brown as Lamont
  • Polly Humphreys as Deedee
  • Arthur S. Brown as Dale
  • Michael Bernstein as Verrill


DVD Talk gave a mostly favorable review for the film, writing that while it wasn't "outstanding" the film was overall enjoyable and "a well-made and good looking film" as long as viewers did not have overly high expectations.[3] was more negative in their review, criticized the film for being neither innovative or artistic while also praising it for embracing the "obvious clichés".[4]


  • People’s Choice – Best Feature film Award at the Lewiston-Auburn Film Festival (2012, won)[5]


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