You Should Be So Lucky

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You Should Be So Lucky!
Starring Colin Bennett
No. of episodes 12
Running time 25mins
Original network BBC
Original release 19 February 1986 – 11 February 1987

You Should Be So Lucky! was a BBC children's television programme broadcast in 1986/87. It was hosted by Colin Bennett in the character of Vince Purity.

It was a game show, during which contestants played on a giant snakes and ladders board. Points were earned by their team partners through talent tasks (such as singing, or physical games).

Colin Bennett had 4 assistants, 3 young girls, and a boy. The girls would introduce themselves as 'April', 'May' and 'June' at the start of the show. The boy's name was Alex, but Colin Bennett occasionally jokingly referred to him as 'July' in the show. The assistants were called "Purettes".

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