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Youssef Dawoud (Arabic: يوسف داود‎‎; 10 March 1938 – 24 June 2012[1]) was an Egyptian actor, who worked in theatre, cinema and television.

Dawoud started acting when studying at Alexandria University. After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering Department of Electricity, Alexandria University, in 1960, he worked for Alexandria Oils and Soap Company and engaged in amateur acting until 1986 when he took up acting full-time. He played the part of the British General Lipton in the United Artist production of Zuqaq Al-Madaq, based on the novel by Naguib Mahfouz. He moved to Cairo, joined the Actors' Syndicate and studied at the Theatre Institute. On turning professional, he became famous and a public figure.

Dawoud married in 1961 and had two children, a son and a daughter.

In the theatre, he performed in[edit]

  • Mala'eeb (Ploys),
  • Al-Za'im (Leader) and
  • Al-Wad Sayed Al- Shaghal (Sayed the Servant Boy).

He appeared in the films[edit]

  • Al-Nimr wal-Untha (The Tiger and the Woman),
  • Samak Laban Tamr Hindi (Fish Milk Tamarind)
  • Al-Shaytana Allati Ahabbatni (The Devil Who Loved Me)
  • Morgan Ahmad Morgan (Morgan Ahmad Morgan).

On television, he appeared in[edit]

  • Al-Souq (The Market),
  • Samhouni Makansh Qasdi (Forgive Me I Didn't Mean To),
  • Al-Ganeb Al-Akhar (The Other Side)
  • Raafat El-Haggan.
  • Yawmeyat Wanis [Wanis' Days]


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