Youth and the Bright Medusa

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First edition (publ. Knopf)

Youth and the Bright Medusa is a collection of short stories by Willa Cather, published in 1920.[1] Several were published in an earlier collection, The Troll Garden.


This collection contains the following stories:[2]


The book was the first book Cather published with Alfred A. Knopf.[3] She was unhappy with her publisher Houghton Mifflin and had been interested in Knopf since seeing their edition of Green Mansions by William Henry Hudson.[3] Cather liked the looks of their books and how they supported their authors with well-designed advertisements.[3]Cather was still under contract with Houghton Mifflin for her novels so Knopf offered to put out a selection of her short stories.[3]


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