Yowie (band)

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Origin St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Genres Experimental rock
Math rock
Instrumental Rock
Years active 2001–present
Labels Skin Graft Records
Website [1]
Members Shawn O'Connor
Jeremiah Wonsewitz
Christopher Trull

Yowie is a band from St. Louis, Missouri, founded in 2000. The band was formerly made up of Jeremiah Wonsewitz on electric guitar, Jimbo "Moppy" or "Lil' Pumpkin" on electric guitar and Shawn "The Defenestrator" O'Connor on drums.

Yowie plays a complex style of unprocessed instrumental math rock, composed of meticulously arranged pieces that rely on compositional techniques that are seldom heard in rock based music. It is high-velocity music of intense discipline, rigid structure and focused force.[1] The music has been compared to math rock bands such as Hella, Tera Melos, Arab on Radar, Ahleuchatistas, Don Caballero and even the Japanese Zeuhl band Koenji Hyakkei.[2][3]

Despite these attempts at reference points, the band's sound remains difficult to characterize. There have been many attempts at describing the uniqueness of Yowie's sound, such as by Diana Benanti of the Riverfront Times, saying that "Music like this can't be made by mere people and yet, you couldn't write a computer program capable of producing this kind of brain damage. It's so grand in composition but honed and microperfected until words like 'tempo,' 'rhythm' and 'melody' become meaningless abstractions."[4]

Yowie have been signed to Skin Graft Records since 2001, and spent three years writing and recording their debut album Cryptooology, released in 2004.

Yowie recorded a song for sides 11-14 of the Skin Graft AC/DC series along with Colossamite, Pre, and Mule.

After many years of writing and some years of contention with one of the band members, they reformed and recorded their second album, Damning With Faint Praise" at Key Club studios in Michigan in July, 2011. Jimbo left the band upon completion of the recording, and was replaced by Christopher Trull (formerly of Grand Ulena). The group toured Europe extensively in 2012 to support "Damning with Faint Praise."

Yowie recorded their third album "Synchromysticism" in August 2016. It is due to be released in early 2017 on Skin Graft Records.[5]


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