Lady Yuhwa

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Lady Yuhwa
Hangul 유화부인
Hanja 柳花夫人
Revised Romanization Lady Yuhwa
McCune–Reischauer Lady Yuhwa

Lady Yuhwa (Hangul유화부인; Hanja柳花夫人) (? - ?) was known as the mother of King Dongmyeong, the first king and the founder of the northernmost of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, Goguryeo. She was the daughter of the Chinese deity of the Yellow River Habaek (Hangul하백; Hanja河伯).[1][2]

Mythological overview[edit]

Habaek, the Chinese deity of the Yellow River, had three daughters: Yuhwa (Hangul유화; Hanja柳花), Wuihwa (Hangul위화; Hanja葦花), and Hweonhwa (Hangul훤화; Hanja萱花). The eldest of his daughters, Yuhwa, was confronted by Hae Mo-su while she was bathing in a river, and eventually she married him without her father's permission. Outraged by the act, Yuhwa's father challenged Hae Mosu to a duel of metamorphosis.

Habaek transformed into a carp, a deer, and a quail, only to be caught by Hae Mo-su when he transformed into an otter, a wolf, and a hawk respectively. Defeated and recognizing Hae Mo-su's supremacy, Habaek consented to the marriage.

However, after the official marriage ceremony was held, Yuhwa escaped Hae Mo-su's chariot before they could ascend to heaven and she returned to her father. Because his daughter's actions brought disgrace to him, Habaek had her lips stretched out and he exiled her to a stream in Dongbuyeo, condemning her to a mortal life.

Yuhwa was later freed by fishermen, who brought her to the local king, Geumwa. Her beauty and intelligence impressed Geumwa and he took her as a concubine. When she was exposed to sunlight, Yuhwa gave birth to an egg, which later turned into Jumong.

Upon her death, Lady Yuhwa was given the posthumous title of Queen Mother.



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