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Aliases ZNF184, kr-ZNF3, zinc finger protein 184
External IDs MGI: 1922244 HomoloGene: 113602 GeneCards: ZNF184
Species Human Mouse
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Location (UCSC) Chr 6: 27.45 – 27.47 Mb Chr 13: 21.95 – 21.96 Mb
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Zinc finger protein 184, also known as ZNF184, is a protein that in humans is encoded by the ZNF184 gene[3] on chromosome 6. It was first identified by Goldwurm et al. in 1996.[4]

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Gene database entry[3] for ZNF184 identifies conserved domains KRAB_A (Krüppel associated box) near the N-terminus and Zn-finger (Zinc finger) at the C-terminus of the translated protein. The former is associated with transcription repression[5] and the latter with DNA binding (see Zinc finger).

Domains and Structure[edit]

The figure below is a reformatted and annotated conceptual translation display of ZNF184's Consensus CDS.[6] CCDS displays exons in alternating black and blue font, with red indicating a residue coded across a splice boundary.

ZNF184 has 19 zinc finger motifs at the end of its final and longest exon. The figure shows regularity among the fingers in this protein, including the 2 columns of green-highlighted Cysteine residues and the 2 columns of blue-highlighted His residues which are the reason this type of zinc finger is called C2H2. Light grey highlighted columns (one with all F; one with mostly L, and F substitutions) are highly conserved hydrophobic residues within the zinc finger motif. The other light grey highlighted column (mostly K, with a similar R substitution) is an example of fairly strong conservation in the coil sections connecting adjacent fingers.

Near the N-terminus is a KRAB_A domain followed by a KRAB_B domain. KRAB_A has a shorter α-Helix followed by a longer α-Helix. The KRAB_A motif in a zinc finger protein is known to bind with a KAP-1 protein (aka TRIM28) to accomplish a transcription repressor function, however a gene so regulated by ZNF184 has yet to be identified. The length-11 finger helices are indicated, as well as the overlapping 7-residue section in each finger which binds targeted DNA (if the finger is functioning).

Reformatted Protein


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