Zaharah Agus

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Zaharah Agus or Zara Agus (Zera Agus) is a Malay singer and actress,[1] well known in Malaysia during the 1960s and 1970s.

Agus' best-known role was that of the first wife of P.Ramlee in the film Madu Tiga. In this film, Saloma made a cover of "Keindahan Bintang Malam" which was originally sung by Zera Agus. In the film, the song was shortened into Bintang Malam. The song "Mat Lodeh" which was popularized by Anita Sarawak was also originally performed by Zera Agus. The cover version by Anita in the 1970s was done with alternate lyrics.


  • Mat Lodeh
  • Ikan Kekek
  • Kalau Mau Kenal
  • Tiang Agama
  • Mas Merah
  • Keindahan Bintang Malam (composed by Ahmad Nawab)