Zakiruddin Zaki

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Zakiruddin Zaki
Residence Bhopal and Tijara
Occupation author / Department of Survey at Bhopal state
Known for poetry and fiction

Zakiruddin Zaki was an author, writer and social activist during the era of the Bhopal State.


Zakiruddin Zaki was born in 1859. He was employed in the Department of Survey at Bhopal state and loved to write poetry. He died in Tijara.[1] He belongs to a well-known and artistically successful family. He was the elder brother of the writer and poet Kabiruddin Kalim.

Life as scholar[edit]

Zaki was his pen name. In 1923, he wrote a book, Gulzar-e Risalat wa Guldasta-e Shahadat on the life of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and the Caliph Ali. His second book was Bahar-e Bekharan maulod Habibur Rahman, which was published in 1924.[citation needed]

Marriage and children[edit]

With his first wife, Wahidun Nisan (daughter of Shahabuddin ibn Mohammad Imamuddin of Tijara), he had a son, Azizuddin. With his second wife, Fatima (daughter of Imtiaz Ali Ibn Ghulam Nabi), he had no children. With his third wife, Bismillah Begum, he had sons Sabir Ali, Shakir Ali and Sajid Ali and daughters Alia Begum and Razia Begum.[citation needed]

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