Zamir Jaffri Cricket Stadium

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Coordinates: 32°55′27″N 73°43′41″E / 32.92417°N 73.72806°E / 32.92417; 73.72806

Zamir Jaffri Cricket Stadium
Jhelum Cricket Stadium
Jhelum Cricket Stadium Panorama.JPG
Location Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan
Owner Pakistan Cricket Board
Operator Sports Department of Jhelum/
Jhelum Cricket Association[1]
Surface Grass
Opened October 10, 2008
Jhelum Cricket Team, Pakistan

Zamir Jaffri Cricket Stadium is a cricket stadium in Jhelum, Pakistan. It is named after Jhelumi poet Syed Zamir Jafri. It was a local district-level stadium, but now the Pakistan Cricket Board has upraised it for regional level events.[2] Six extra cricket pitches have been constructed.


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