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Zerobridge is a New York-based indie alternative/rock band formed in 2001. The band’s name draws on the Kashmiri roots of lead singer Mubashir Mohi-ud-Din (“Din,” also the guitarist/songwriter), and his brother, Mohsin (“Mo,” drummer). The band is named after an actual bridge in Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir.

Greg Eckelman was added to the lineup on bass in 2003. In September 2007, veteran New York guitarist Jay Barclay joined the band. In 2011, noted Strokes producer and 'guru' J. P. Bowersock joined following Barclay's departure.[1][2]

No Epiphany (2001)[edit]

No Epiphany is Zerobridge’s first self-released EP. The tracks on this recording includes "No Epiphany", "Ice Candy Man", and "Bleed". “Bleed” is a 12 and a half minute instrumental which samples “Chalte, Chalte,” composed by Ghulam Muhammad for the film Pakeezah, a popular 1972 Indian "Bollywood" film. The cover photography was taken by writer/photographer Maryam Reshi.

Zerobridge (2003)[edit]

Zerobridge's debut full-length album

The band’s first full length debut was self-titled as Zerobridge and recorded in College Park, MD and in New York City. "Suffering Moses" (which reappears on the 2007 EP, Havre de Grace) and "Nothing Doing" details the band's travels in Kashmir. "Nazar" is influenced by the book, “The Tiger Ladies,” by Sudha Kohl. "In Exile" is an experiment of the Ghazal, a poetic structure in Urdu, transposed into English form and influenced by Agaha Shahid Ali, Salman Rushdie and Edward Said. Cover photo was taken in Kashmir by Amar Talwar, a prominent actor in India. Also available is an EP titled The Basement Tapes 2003.

The Earl Slick Sessions (2005)[edit]

Former John Lennon and David Bowie guitarist, Earl Slick, teamed up with the band in 2005. The song "It Is What It Is" came out of the play The South Asian Monologues, in which lead singer Din played the character Zain. Earl Slick provided all the lead guitar work on these recordings in addition to production.

Havre de Grace (2007)[edit]

"Havre de Grace", French for “Harbor of Grace” is a town in Maryland, near the band's hometown of Potomac, MD. The "Havre de Grace" video is directed by 2007 Tribeca Film Festival Short Documentary award winner Musa Syeed. "The Shake" is a direct confrontation to Islamic extremism from a songwriter of Muslim background. "This Is My Version" includes the rhythm guitar work of Earl Slick.

There We Were, Now Here We Are (2009)[edit]

After self-releasing a single every month for the last half of 2008, the band released a six song EP titled There We Were, Now Here We Are in 2009.[3]

Big Songs for Small Spaces (2015)[edit]

In 2011, Zerobridge added record producer J. P. Bowersock to its lineup and began recording songs in Chinatown, Manhattan over the course of four years on a minimal budget. On August 21, 2015, they released their full-length album titled Big Songs for Small Space.[4] To promote the album in advance, the band released its lead single "Ten Years" on December 8, 2014.[5]


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