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Zhing-zhong (精装) is a Zimbabwean slang word meaning low cost, Asian (mostly Chinese) consumer products of poor quality.[1]

The word gained traction in Zimbabwe during the 2000s when an influx of Chinese merchants and storekeepers imported consumer products into Zimbabwe.[2]

The term carries strong connotations of widespread discontent over the continued de-industrialisation of Zimbabwe, and the replacement of its products with Chinese ones. In some quarters, "Zhing-zhong", or simply "zhing", is a slur on the Chinese. Perhaps mindful of this, the Government of Zimbabwe is reported to have banned the word. The word zhing zhong according to Thulani Chikanda refers to products from China even if it is of high quality, it is not about being cheap but about the origin. Thulani Chikanda also argues that this word was merely a petition to the government to tell China to improve quality on products.[3]

Ironically, the original Chinese word (精装) means "deluxe" and is often used in Chinese advertisements.

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