Zhou Yu's Train

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Zhou Yu's Train
Directed by Sun Zhou
Produced by Huang Jianxin
William Kong
Sun Zhou
Written by Sun Zhou
Zhang Mei
Bei Cun (novel)
Starring Gong Li
Tony Leung Ka-Fai
Sun Honglei
Music by Shigeru Umebayashi
Cinematography Wang Yu
Edited by William Chang
Distributed by Sony Pictures Classics
Release date
August 1, 2002
Running time
92 min.
Country China
Language Mandarin

Zhou Yu's Train (simplified Chinese: 周渔的火车; traditional Chinese: 周漁的火車; pinyin: zhōu yú de huǒchē) is a 2002 Chinese film directed by Sun Zhou, and starring Gong Li and Tony Leung Ka-Fai.

The title refers to a poetic compilation published by the character in the movie played by Leung. The story starts at a book signing event and leads to the memories of the two lovers encounters. Zhou Yu maintained the relationship by commuting on the train, hence the title of the movie.

  • Tagline: Her love is torn between a doctor and a poet.


The story is set in Chongyang (Hubei province, China) and Sanming (Fujian province). Zhou Yu, a ceramics artist from Sanming falls in love with the poet Chen Qing, who lives in Chongyang, a town several hundred kilometers from Sanming. During the train trips between Sanming and Chongyang, she also meets Zhang Qiang, a veterinary surgeon.

Gong Li plays two characters who only differ by their hair styles, namely Zhou Yu and the short-haired Xiu. The film is pieced together with many flashbacks in no particular chronological order. The relationship between the two women is unclear until the end of the film.

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