Zinaida Botschantzeva

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Zinaida Petrovna Botschantzeva
Zinaida Petrovna Botschantzeva
Born (1907-08-10)10 August 1907
Died 17 August 1973(1973-08-17) (aged 66)
Nationality Russian
Citizenship  Soviet Union
Scientific career
Fields botanist
Author abbrev. (botany) Botschantz

Zinaida Petrovna Botschantzeva (10 August 1907 – 17 August 1973) was a Russian botanist and embryologist, professor of the Tashkent university.

Great contribution in studies of Central Asian tulips has been made by Z.P. Botschantzeva. She devoted all her life to studying of this genus of plants. In 1962 the book by Z.P. Botschantzeva was published and this book titled Tulips was rich in material on Central Asian and Caucasus wild tulips. This remarkable work was reissued in 1981 in the Netherlands. She has described 6 new tulip species from various regions of Central Asia.


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