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Joint Stock Company
Industry Aircraft Manufacturing
Fate Nationalised and merged with Ikarus in 1946
Successor Ikarus
Founded 1927
Defunct 1946
Headquarters Karađorđeva street 18, Zemun, Serbia
Products Aircraft

Zmaj (Serbian Cyrillic: Змај) officially named Fabrika aeroplana i hidroaviona Zmaj (English: Airplane and seaplane factory Zmaj) was a Yugoslav aircraft manufacturer. It was founded in 1927 and it was the third aeronatical factory in Serbia. At the beginning it manufactured aircraft under French license, and in 1932 it started with local planes designed by Jovan Petrović and Dragoljub Šterić. Several types of aircraft were manufactured by Zmaj, among them passenger Spartans for the domestic airliner Aeroput. Zmaj workshops manufactured in total 359 aircraft up until 1946, when the factory stopped manufacturing for aviation industry purposes and the company was nationalised and merged with Rogožarski into Ikarus.[1]

Fizir FN Trainer (1930) on display in the Museum of Aviation
Fizir FP-2 Advanced trainer, 1936

License built aircraft:



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