Zombie Hunter

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For the 2013 film, see Zombie Hunter (film).
(Shirei Kari)
Genre Action, Horror, Science fiction
Written by Kazumasa Hirai
Illustrated by Yang Kyung-il
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
Original run 19992000
Volumes 4

Zombie Hunter (死霊狩り Shirei Kari?) is a dark and violent comic by a collaboration between Japanese writer, Kazumasa Hirai, and Korean comic book artist, Yang Kyung-il.

It is about an ex-race car driver who hunts down and kills zombies. The main character, Toshio Tamura, was once a grand prix champion who finds himself to be one of many people on a jungle island where he goes through a series of survival tests. He discovers that the purpose of the cruel and deadly games were to find people worthy enough to hunt down alien parasites that hid inside corpses, turning said corpses into zombies. Toshio initially rejects the offer to become a zombie hunter since he sees his would-be boss as a dangerous and sick man, but soon finds himself forced into the role when his loved ones are endangered.

After 26 episodes, the manga stopped.