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Industry Big Data Analytics
Founded 2012
Founder Justin Langseth (CEO)
Headquarters Reston, Virginia, US
Area served
Number of employees
Website zoomdata.com

Zoomdata is a Reston, Virginia-based data visualization and analytics company founded in 2012.[1]


Zoomdata markets a data visualization and analytics tool that allows customers to explore and analyze the vast quantities of data in their datastores. The product is different from other tools in the industry due to a patent the company holds around “Data Sharpening".[2][3] The approach involves returning the results of a query that is run instantly, while the image ‘sharpens’ and becomes clearer as more data is processed. The product includes a connector studio that directly connects to database, search, streaming, flat file and in-memory data sources. Matt Asay of readwrite.com compared it watching a streaming movie, where you see some results immediately, soon followed by the whole.[4]

Zoomdata also gives users access to the company’s D3.js-based Visualization Studio to edit D3 code and create custom visualizations from within the tool. With the Visualization Studio, users can “live-code” and view changes they are making as they type. In July 2015, Zoomdata launched early access program for visual analysis and fusion of big data.[5]

Awards & Recognition[edit]

In June 2016, Zoomdata won the Big Data and Analytics Innovation Award in the annual Hot Tickets competition hosted by The Northern Virginia Technology Council.[6] Zoomdata was also awarded an Information Technology Innovation Award in September 2016 from Ventana Research in the category of Operational Intelligence.[7] Justin Langseth, CEO of Zoomdata, was recognized by Goldman Sachs as one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2016 at its Builders + Innovators Summit.[8]


In November 2012 Zoomdata announced a $1.1 million seed round with funding from a series of angel investors.[9] In July 2013 Zoomdata raised a $4.1 million Series A round led by Columbus Nova Technology Partners (CNTP) with participation from New Enterprise Associates (NEA), CIT GAP Funds, Razor’s Edge Ventures and B7.[10] The company announced a $17 million Series B led by Accel Partners in October 2014 with participation from existing investors NEA, CNTP, Razor’s Edge Ventures, and B7.[1]

In February 2016 Zoomdata closed a series C round of funding of $25 million, led by Goldman Sachs. According to Robert J. Terry at Washington Business Journal “Joining Goldman’s Principal Strategic Investments Group in the round was new investor Comcast Ventures and previous backers Accel Partners, Columbus Nova Technology Partners and New Enterprise Associates, based in Chevy Chase.”[11]


Zoomdata's executive team includes:


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