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O'de püt
Chiapas, Oaxaca, Tabasco
Linguistic classificationMixe–Zoquean
  • Zoque
Locations (green) where Zoquean languages are spoken

The Zoque (/ˈsk/)[2] languages form a primary branch of the Mixe–Zoquean language family indigenous to southern Mexico. They are spoken by around 70,000 indigenous Zoque people. The Zoques[which?] call their language O'de püt.

Zoque-language[which?] programming is carried by the CDI's radio station XECOPA, broadcasting from Copainalá, Chiapas.

There are about 100,000 speakers of Zoque languages. 63,000 people reported their language to be "Zoque" in the 2010 census. An additional 41,000 reported their language to be "Popoluca"; probably 90% of these are Sierra Popoluca and thus Zoque.[3]


Zoquean languages fall in three groups:


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