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Zoya Pirzad (Persian: زویا پیرزاد‎; Armenian: Զոյա Փիրզադ; born 1952 in Abadan) is an Iranian-Armenian writer and novelist. Her mother is Iranian Armenian and her father comes from a Russian background.[1] She grew up in Tehran and is now married with two sons, Sasha and Shervin.


Pirzad's first novel, Cheragh-ha ra man khamush mikonam (I Will Turn Off the Lights; published in English as Things We Left Unsaid) has been published numerous times in Iran and has been translated to several languages.[2]


I Will Turn Off the Lights won the 2002 Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award for the 'Best Novel of the Year' for her "superb characterization, ingenious representation of the conflicting emotions of a woman, creating suspense through defamiliarization of everyday life, creating a language in perfect harmony with the theme and characters of the novel".[3]

Zoya Pirzad has become the latest Iranian figure to receive France’s Chevalier of Legion of Honor award.


All the books mentioned above have been translated into French and published by Zulma Publishers in Paris.[4]

Zoya Pirzad's works have also been translated into German, Italian, Turkish, Spanish and Greek, published in those countries.

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