Advanced Scientific Data Format

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Advanced Scientific Data Format
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Initial releaseSeptember 19, 2015; 4 years ago (2015-09-19)
Type of formatscientific data
Contained byYAML
Extended fromFITS

Advanced Scientific Data Format (ASDF) is a proposed replacement to the FITS standard for astronomical images and other astronomical data.[1] The metadata is contained in a YAML header followed by binary or ASCII data.

Improvements to FITS[edit]

The Flexible Image Transport System FITS standard is a widely used data format in astronomy that incorporates metadata and ascii or binary data in the same file.[2] However, the FITS standard has several limitations that make it difficult to use for complicated and hierarchical data. For example, the FITS 'cards' have keywords limited to only 8 characters, which can make it difficult to properly describe the value associated with it and the value for each keyword and its comment cannot be longer than 68 characters.[1] By using YAML, more sophisticated and nested data structures may be used in ASDF than FITS.


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