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Coordinates: 30°34′21″N 86°12′54″W / 30.572404°N 86.21487°W / 30.572404; -86.21487

AN/FPS-85 Spacetrack Radar (or Space Surveillance Radar) is a very large fixed-array radar located in Florida, developed by Air Force Rome Air Development Center (RADC). The unique aspect of this radar is the phased array antenna technology. The beam formed by it extends from 155° to 205° in azimuth and is scanned at 35° elevation.[1] It is the only phased array radar dedicated to tracking more than 16,000 near-earth and deep-space objects.[2]

Its predecessor was experimental L-band Electronically Steerable Array Radar (ESAR) built by Bendix Corporation.[3]

Radar construction began in October 1962, testing was scheduled for May 1965, but space operations began in January 1969 (due to building and equipment destruction in January 1965 in a fire caused by arcing electrical equipment).[2]


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