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Al Buainain (Arabic: آل بو عينين‎; also spelled Al Bu'ainain,Al Bu'aynin and Al Boainain) is a clan of Bani Tamim tribe, and the clan is divided to three main branches which are Al-Muhammad, Al-Ali, and Al-Nawasir.[1] The clan is based primarily in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. The tribe used to be involved in the lucrative pearl diving industry.

The Al Buainain tribe was one of the several bedouin tribes to move to Bahrain in 1783, after the Al Khalifa conquered the island.


Al Bu 'Ainain have contributed in establishing the town of Jubail on the Hasa coast -northwest of Ras Tanura- following dissatisfaction in Qatar.[2] They have also worked on building up Qatar's previous capital city, Al Wakrah. Historians pointed out that Al-Buainin poplulation in Al Wakra was 2,000 in 1908.[3]


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